Index of Submarine Sounds

     Name                    Last modified       Size    Description

[SND] 3blasts.wav 20-Oct-2000 15:17 70k Surface, Surface, Surface 3 Blasts [SND] E-BLOW.wav 20-Oct-2000 13:17 142k Fast Surface, Surface, Surface [SND] LPBLOWER.wav 20-Oct-2000 13:07 26k Start the Blower on All Main Ballast Tanks [SND] OPSTEST.wav 20-Oct-2000 13:01 80k Take Stations for OP Sequence Test Tubes 1 thru 7 [SND] PTV.wav 20-Oct-2000 13:07 30k Prepare To Ventilate [SND] gq.wav 09-Jun-1998 15:54 94k General Quarters [SND] 19-Mar-2000 22:16 56k Boatswain's Pipe [SND] pipeside.wav 17-Sep-1997 12:36 77k Boatswain's Pipe [SND] sonar.wav 25-Mar-1998 15:05 100k Sonar pings [SND] 25-Mar-1998 15:05 97k Sonar pings [SND] torpedo.wav 25-Mar-1998 15:06 13k Torpedo shoot [SND] 04-Apr-2000 12:00 14k All Hands Man Your Battle Stations [SND] 04-Apr-2000 12:00 12k Crash Dive 300 Feet [SND] 04-Apr-2000 12:00 14k Clear The Bridge, Dive, Dive [SND] 04-Apr-2000 12:00 18k Diving Alarm [SND] 04-Apr-2000 12:00 14k General Alarm [SND] 04-Apr-2000 12:00 15k Ship's Whistle [SND] 04-Apr-2000 12:00 8k Standby To Surface [SND] anchors-aweigh.mp3 28-June-2022 21:07 647k Anchors Aweigh [SND] take-her-down-submariners.mp3 28-June-2022 21:07 601k Submariners - Take Her Down [SND] eternal-father-submarine-tribute.mp3 28-June-2022 21:07 2.1mb Eternal Father, Strong to Save (submarine tribute)